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Built on EtherLite Blockchain

Gone are the days when you need to wait for minutes to hours to verify and confirm transactions! With Elite Cash, the transaction takes place within seconds. Plus, you don't have to pay hefty transaction fees. The pure Proof of Stake EtherLite (ETL) blockchain, a hard fork of Ethereum, makes ELC the ideal payment token to offer maximum security and minimum gas fees.

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The vision of Elite Cash is simple: to make digital payments fast, easy and affordable. Security, transparency, privacy, and convenience remain the core principles of the Elite Cash project. Cryptocurrency is a shared community, and we want to give back to it. With that said, our perpetual goal is to provide our network participants with unparalleled benefits that will lead to higher traction and mass adoption.


Elite Cash is a revolutionary project in the cryptoverse, combining game-changing use cases fueled by rewarding tokenomics. 

Token Name


Token Symbol




Max Supply

1,000,000,000 ELC

Circulating supply

500,000,000 ELC



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2021 | Quarter 3
Conceptualization &


  • Conceptualize ELC token ✓

  • Blockchain research ✓

  • Assemble a project team ✓

  • Smart contract creation ✓

  • ELC token testing ✓

  • ELC smart contract audit & validation ✓

  • Whitepaper ✓

2021 | Quarter 4

Web3 & Pre-Sale

  • Strengthen social media communities ✓

  • Private Sale 1 ✓

  • Seed funding ✓

  • Update Elite Cash website ✓

  • Web 3 React dependency for wallet connectivity ✓

  • Smart contract for BEP-20 bridge development ✓

  • IEO on centralized exchanges ✓

2022 | Quarter 3
Launchpad &

Retailer Partnerships

  • Elite Cash launchpad embankment

  • Retailer selection in the USA

  • Smart contract support for creators

2022 | Quarter 2
Payment Gateway Integration

  • Listing on more CEX

  • Elite Cash wallet 

  • PoS integration with ELC Merchant app

  • Payment gateway design and technical demonstration

  • MVP development & launch

2022 | Quarter 4
Crowdfunding &

Product Module

  • Crowdfunding integration

  • Establishment of a global user base

  • Integration of third-party controllers

  • Marketplace cooperative module

2022 | Quarter 1
Marketing &

Product Development

  • Collaborations with influencers

  • Targeted ads and marketing with Tier-1 digital publishers

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and more

  • Token support on the Ethereum blockchain

  • In-house functional testing & Launch

2023 | Quarter 1
Technology Upgrades

  • Integration with private chains

  • Scaling and security

  • More accessibility to buy tokens

  • More payment services for businesses & users