Elite Cash (ELC) Payment Token & PoS Staking | EtherLite (ETL) and ELC Exchanges List

Elite Cash is a utility token developed on the EtherLite (ETL) blockchain. It aims to offer a payment platform that ensures that cryptocurrency payments become efficient and low-cost for shop vendors, businesses, and all kinds of users.

With advanced fintech products and robust security, Elite Cash is paving its way into the market to benefit merchants of every size and their customers.

Elite Cash as a Payment Processor

Elite Cash is a futuristic project that will bring the benefits of cryptocurrency-based digital payment to everyone’s pocket. By using dedicated apps and QR codes, users can easily transfer payment to the merchant. Merchant will also have a similar app, and they will get notifications about the payment received.

Elite Cash is making the payment process much easier and almost instant. The platform also offers transparency, security, and scalability.

Furthermore, it lowers the conversation rates and eliminates the need for middlemen. People interested in Elite Cash can visit the website for more details.

Elite Cash (ELC) Exchange List

I’m sure it would be really helpful for you to know ELC exchanges in advance. There are hundreds of centralized exchanges on which users trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies in billions of dollars.

However, not all are user-friendly, and many require improvements in UI, charting, trading products, utility features, support department, and more.

To reach a wider audience, provide better services, and deliver more benefits, Elite Cash has a roadmap to get listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges. As Elite Cash is built on EtherLite, including exchanges that have ETL would be a wise choice, and users can have ELC-ETL pair too.

From Where Can You Buy ELC tokens?

You can buy ELC tokens from the Elite Cash launchpad and Hotbit tokens. Moreover, ELC is dealing with other tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges to get the token listed.

#1 | Elite Cash Launchpad

You can buy Elite Cash (ELC) tokens from its website itself. Elite Cash had a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) program from 1st October 2021 to 15th October 2021. The website offers a launchpad where you can connect your Metamask wallet and purchase ELC by swapping with BNB.

Because the Binance ecosystem covers a large userbase, the development team of the ELC smart contract has done a great job by creating a bridge that allows users to buy ELC with BNB directly. More options like USDT, ETL, and ETH will be available soon after the ongoing development phase.

#2 | Hotbit

Hotbit was founded in 2018. It is a centralized exchange from South Korea, which is currently ranked at 35th place on CoinGecko as of writing. It holds an American MSB license, a Canadian MSB license, an Australian AUSTRAC license, and a and Estonian MTR license.

The exchange seems to progress continuously with products like spot trading, financial derivatives, cryptocurrency investment, and DAPP. Interestingly, it offers its services in more than 210 countries! On top of that, it was ranked as one of the top 3 most welcomed exchanges in Russia in 2019.

Elite Cash (ELC) has been launched on the Hotbit exchange. You can find ELC with USDT pair. With a high trust score and trade volume, Hotbit offers a great platform for ELC to emerge as a new gem in the Payment Token marketplace.

Top EtherLite (ETL) Exchanges

Well, when it comes to buying EtherLite (ETL), it is being traded on several tier-1, tear-2, and tear-3 centralized exchanges. Explore the list of exchange platforms for purchasing & HODLing your ETL tokens.

#1 | Bibox

Founded in 2017, the Bibox exchange platform offers a variety of cryptocurrencies to exchange in multiple markets. The website and platform work very smoothly, and the customer support is great.

Bibox is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that uses AI-enhanced and encrypted algorithms. These features aid in optimal trades and transactions for global users. The platform has a highly competent team and a futuristic, highly efficient platform but still lacks acceptance by regulatory authorities.

#2 | HitBTC

Founded in 2013 with 6-million-euro venture capital, HitBTC claims to be the most advanced bitcoin exchange platform that offers high liquidity and purchase limits.

It is popular among people for its technologically advanced matching engine, support for a variety of blockchain solutions, and friendly customer service. Its app and platform are developed by excellent technical minds, high-level finance professionals, and experienced traders.

#3 | FMFW.io

According to the company, FMFW stands for “Free the Money, Free the World.” The team behind FMFW.io is constantly working towards empowering global users to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence and ease. It offers a seamless trading interface.

Whether you’re a first-time trader or an experienced professional, you will enjoy using FMFW. Along with that, more than 400 trading pairs, consistent trading competitions and giveaways, 24/7 support, deep liquidity, high-grade security, and multilingual support attract a new userbase everyday

#4 | BitForex

BitForex is yet another exchange platform that was established in Seychelles in 2018. It’s a global cryptocurrency market site that provides token deals and derivatives services. It offers 191 coins and 254 trading pairs with a wide userbase of over 3.5M people from 200 countries.

Along with low trading fees, no KYC required, accessible account browsing, and other user-friendly features make BitForex an encouraging crypto-exchange platform.

#5 | ProBit Global

With 565 coins and 850 trading pairs, Probit Exchange offers a wide range of coin selections on its cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is known for only listing what it deems to be ‘qualified and deserving’ cryptocurrency projects. The exchange reportedly has matching speeds of over 1.5 million orders per second and a customizable user interface.

Furthermore, ProBit claims to offer Exchange users the option of a hardware security key along with 2-factor authentication. Many popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), Holo (HOT), and many more are listed here.

ELC Exchange Listing Roadmap

Exchanges reviewed above add more usability to token holders. Plus, they can enjoy the benefits of popular trading products. Having a roadmap to list ELC on these exchanges will allow ELC to gain exposure to global audiences. Plus, users can exchange and make transactions very efficiently.

Since each and every exchange has its own set of eligibility criteria and document requirements thus getting listed on them will add an extra layer of trust to the overall project.

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