Introducing Elite Cash (ELC): Efficient, Effective, and Innovative Cash

Elite Cash (ELC) is the most advanced cryptocurrency that helps unleash the true power of digital assets, making transactions faster, cheaper, and secure.

1st October 2021, USA - Elite Cash (ELC), a PoS cryptocurrency project, has published a whitepaper illustrating further details of its token structure, core principles, and market overview.

A number of intended amendments are set to be announced in the upcoming days, which will take ELC to new heights, particularly in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency, where it seeks to break into the market.

"There is a good chance that crypto is the future currency of the world. Then the question is, which one is it going to be? It could be multiple." - Elon Musk (an entrepreneur and business magnate)

Elite Cash (ELC) is not just a simple payment token; it is a utility token with use cases; you can use ELC to shop, save, or invest, for instance.

Since it is built on the ETL & BSC blockchain, Elite Cash (ELC) will take the crypto world to the next level with its incredible features of ETL blockchain. To name a few, it is faster, has the lowest gas fee in the market, and is one of the most energy-efficient cryptos to date.

The advanced in-house system includes "Elite Cash Core" in the form of an ELC smart contract and services accountable for keeping merchant records and balances, merchant interfaces (Merchant Web Panel, Merchant App, POS integrations and e-commerce plugins) and consumer apps (non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets).

This way, Elite Cash Core is at the heart of the system that focuses on security, scalability, and performance at the lowest possible cost.

Ideologically, Elite Cash focuses on bridging the decentralized commercial world with retail, securing our non-competitive status in the cryptocurrency payment space.

ELC is also backed by additional core services that provide Elite Cash Core with an interface to multiple blockchains and external services. Merchant interface and EtherLite cash wallet work as the backbone of the system, supporting Elite Cash Core work better with traders and clients.

The report by Allied Market Research projects that the crypto market value will increase by $4.94 billion by 2030. According to Allied Market, the main drivers of this revolution will be increased demand for international payments and more transparency in global payment systems, Allied Market said.

This report echoes another recent study by the same organization where they stated that the global crypto asset market size is projected to reach $9.36 billion by 2030, increasing at a CAGR of 30.2% from 2021 to 2030.

ELC is set to rule over the crypto world by bringing utility to a cryptocurrency with transparency, pseudonymity, and excellent Core services. Our beliefs reflect values we want to introduce to crypto payments and technology in general. Here they are:

Acceptance of Cryptocurrency as a Mode of Payment

Initially, cryptocurrencies had little utility as a mode of payment to merchants. Nevertheless, with time, several businesses worldwide, like restaurants, salons, jewelers, and app developers, have begun to receive them as a viable payment medium.

Thanks to the EtherLite network's high throughput, quick finality, and low gas fees, the ELC token is the best crypto token for sending and receiving payments.

Elite Cash Speeds Up Transactions

With the advancements in blockchain mechanisms, transactions have become instantly irreversible, and the users don't need to wait for several minutes to confirm the payment. Since EtherLite runs on a PoS mechanism, money transfers take place within seconds when you use ELC.

As ELC runs on the ETL blockchain, the network has block times of five seconds and more than 10,000 transactions per second.

Make Merchant-Consumer Transactions Convenient

We strive to implement a solution with minimum barriers for merchant approval, so they do not need to redesign their businesses just for new payment options.

We aim to develop seamless processes of customer-to-merchant payments that are easily understandable, secure and fast.

Leading Towards the Greener Ecosystem

Experts believe the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism can lead to a greener future for the cryptocurrency sector as it eliminates the high-powered computing from the consensus algorithm.

Following the EtherLite blockchain, Elite Cash (ELC) is energy-efficient crypto that helps make the world better by using less power.

Reducing the Gas Fee to the Lowest Price Possible

When you see your bank statement, you realize that the transaction fees are inflated these days. High gas fees have always been a stumbling block on most crypto blockchains.

Thanks to lower rates and safe finality, daily transactions carried on EtherLite blockchains keep gas fees low. As Elite Cash runs on the same blockchain, you spend the lowest gas fee in the market when you shop or transfer using ELC tokens.

Delivering More Security and Scalability

The EtherLite blockchain solves all the security issues as all the actions are signed while confirmed transactions are almost irreversible. These features are further supported by the fact that Elite Cash Core runs on the main ETL blockchain, so the whole ecosystem guarantees secure transactions.

The PoS mechanism used by the ETL blockchain provides an immediately available scalability solution that creates an opportunity for delegated staking. Since Elite Cash works on the ETL blockchain, it has access to all the computational and storage resources and offers the best scalability measures possible.

Secure the Future with Elite Cash!

The mechanism of ELC Core hedges the risks, increases speed, and supports payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. The team ELC believes "it provides fast, safe and more affordable conditions to build decentralized applications, which is very much required right now in the market."

With ELC products, consumers can scan a QR code from the in-built or any other crypto-compatible wallet to pay in around 15 cryptocurrencies supported by Elite Cash.

Merchants can register free by updating the software or by installing the Merchant App provided by Elite Cash.

ELC is set to change the payment flow by bringing convenience, transparency, and security. Our in-house development team introduces crypto-evangelists, math experts and security analysts. We have led the software development business for more than ten years now, and the ELC team is now 50+ people strong.

To find out more about Elite Cash (ELC) and its vision, visit the website.

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